“Does it come in colour, too?” – no problem: simpleshow custom!

Applause! Today we are launching a new website in the simpleshow cosmos: www.simpleshow-custom.com.

What’s it all about?

Let’s take a look back at 2008: With the simpleshow we launched a product that took it by storm. An explanatory film format that works for the most varied of application areas according to specific rules and with a consistent look & feel. The special feature: the customer benefits from standardised elements and processes, which are perfectly coordinated to each other. The complete service is available at a calculable fixed price. You cannot imagine anything simpler, can you?

One reason for the success of simpleshow in the classic style is the fact that many customers don’t want to invest more time and money in the development of their personal illustration style, their own composed music or in casting a narrator in addition to designing and compiling the contents. Of course, all these revision cycles take time – on the customer’s side as well. It’s usually just a matter of content and it’s not important whether other companies are also employing clips in simpleshow illustration style.

Is colour possible?

Of course, a clip can also be personalised. Do you want another narrator? Coloured scribbles? Animations?


No problem!

In addition to the classic format with black and white illustrations on real paper, we have also been producing explanatory videos that look completely different from our successful standard product right from the very beginning. As a result, it’s likely that some people have already seen explanatory clips on the Internet or in ads on TV without even knowing that they were produced by simpleshow.

Our design department is specialised in simplifying complicated issues. Whether we produce the final clip with paper, building bricks or time-consuming animations is of no importance. We have abundant experience and competence to advise our customers and produce the perfect design.

For this reason, we call the personalised productions “simpleshow custom”. And now that we have gathered a wide range of references in this sector, it was about time to give the brand its own Internet presence. As of today, it is now online and includes a show reel and a range of examples to convince visitors of the flexibility of our explanatory formats. Have fun!

If you want to learn more about simpleshow custom, our team will be happy to help you!

Great Britain and Scandinavia: info@simpleshow.co.uk or dial +44 203 402 3151