Copycats – Trust the original or support idea theft?

Inventive talent is everywhere you look in Silicon Valley – and not only there: almost all over the world!

The invention of new products and brands shows no sign of coming to a halt either, as humans are naturally curious and always on the hunt for improvements.

Products that have proven their worth are then suddenly available from a wide range of manufacturers. Even discount food suppliers have been able to create versions of Coca Cola and Twix that are so like the original that even lifelong fans cannot tell which is which. OK, Coke and Masterfoods might not be that bothered about it nowadays – their brands and turnover are completely unbeatable around the world. However, there must certainly have been times when these brands were not so well known (and the products named here serve as an example for ALL brands that have had to deal with cheap copies in the past). In contrast to the “harmless” consumer products, there are also goods where it can be very important to use the original and not a copy – for example when it comes to your safety or guarantees.

After years of research and development, many innovators suddenly find themselves faced with a whole host of copycats who simply steal their idea. Or successful business models are copied from abroad rather than investing in young brains with completely new ideas. We are talking about this because the simpleshow is just this type of original product that has proven its worth over a number of years. And apparently this delightfully simple format also gives the impression that it is delightfully simple to copy. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can say: this is not true and quality also has its price here.

Why is it better to put your trust in the original?

Find out now in the Copycats simpleshow!

Have you also had problems with copycats? How did you react?