Case Study: e-Learning Platform Lern.Hand.Werk Tests Out mysimpleshow

Jan Ullmann and his colleagues from Lern.Hand.Werk offer consultation and workshop services around elearning and have been observing the importance of explainer videos since the introduction of the market. As experts in the field of learning & technology, they are working with teachers and lecturers in both school and university environments and were often confronted with animation tools as being too time consuming and technically complex. In 2016, they researched several video creation platforms and found pioneer mysimpleshow to be extremely effective for a variety of reasons and applicable for various purposes.

Lern.Hand.Werk’s “mysimpleshow test”

Jan Ullmann, who himself is also responsible for technology-enhanced language learning in a university environment, finds that most tools make the creator worry more about technical factors rather than focus on the video’s educational aims. So, the team went through the video creation process of mysimpleshow to analyze how well it worked for their individual purpose for creating the video. They realized that mysimpleshow is a tool that precisely provides the experience of being quick and simple to use. But let’s see why:

Step by Step Feedback

300x250_JanLem_Process_Feb_23_2017 (1)

The templates provided in the draft phase served as helpful aids for the team as they positively emphasized on the provided examples and structure of the explanations that facilitated the writing process during the write step. The didactical assistance convinced the team of mysimpleshow’s benefits, leading them towards a productive outcome as it also limits the user to narrowing down information to the key message, lessening the danger of having a long and imprecise video.

During the visualize phase, Jan Ullmann realized something else. As the automated function of the search engine picks keywords and searches for appropriate visualization, it’s accuracy was very high. Seeing the manual search as another benefit, they also found the prevention of copyright issues useful as the database provides many images.

In the finalize phase, mysimpleshow gained their official approval for being time-saving, as a generated voice or individual voiceovers largely decrease the amount of time spent on the audio and vocalization production step in comparison to other tools.

The Overall Verdict?

300x250_JanLem_Thumbs_Feb_23_2017 (2)

The team was extremely positive regarding the introduction of mysimpleshow.

The tool’s ability to assist in teaching them how to create a video caused the team to highly rank mysimpleshow’s simplicity score. Handling time-consuming and complex tasks through assistance not only boosted the outcome, but also the overall feeling while creating a video.

No tool is free of improvement opportunities, however, the benefits largely outweigh the improvements that would make it perfect, making mysimpleshow the almost perfect tool for your video creation per Jan Ullmann and his team. To put it in Lern.Hand.Werk’s words: “Of course the tool’s approach isn’t suited to every educational purpose, but it doesn’t have to be.”  Making an exemplary video with mysimpleshow showed Jan Ullmann its benefits and possibilities for a variety of purposes. To read more about his experience, click here. For the German version use this link.