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Brilliant reasons why an explainer video is essential for your website

The nurse Florence Nightingale used a diagram to list the primary causes of mortality among soldiers in the royal army to her fellow Britons. Little could she have known back in 1885 the significance such infographics would gain in the 21st century. The polar area diagram she developed is a precursor to the modern-day pie chart.

For Florence, it was clear that a diagram could portray in images what could not be expressed in words.

And that’s just it: infographics as we are increasingly seeing them in recent times can highlight exactly what is important using very few words. The aim is not to save the beholder from having to read. Rather, it is a more effective type of reading, as expert Michael Stoll explains.

Consider the journalism industry in Scandinavia: in editorial departments, there is one infographics designer for every ten newspaper editors. The situation is a similar one in Germany. Issues are increasingly being “explained” visually. This is important for us, for while we may have access to huge quantities of data, at the same time there is barely time to organise and structure this all.

Making complex issues comprehensible in such a way that they can be understood in the shortest of times is also one of simpleshow’s strengths. The following infographic details brilliant reasons how an explainer video can help optimise your website or internal communications:

Whether for training, internal communication or marketing, a simpleshow can be used in any situation. See for yourself!

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