Big problems of big construction projects

Everyone knows that Germans are precise, forward-thinking and tend to be good at planning ahead. Well, lately this reputation is up for dispute, some might even argue that these traits are severely lacking when it comes to construction projects on a large scale. It’s no secret that the problems facing the completion of Berlin’s new international airport are more than cause for concern. With costs spiralling out of control and the original completion date being postponed three times already; the project is well into its decent down a rather steep and slippery slope!
It might seem a bit of a given but more often than not, the bigger the project, the greater the risk to its budget and/or its deadline dates. As is the case with many other developments like this on-going up and down the country, from airports and train stations to concert halls and shopping centres, concerns about budget & time-scales are starting to show their ugly and slightly un-settling faces. The situation is turning into a somewhat sad state of affairs, with the general consensus of the German public being that all too often constructions tend to: A. take too long, B. are too expensive and C. have a sense of amateurism smeared all over them!
That’s not even the half of it! To compound misery a bit more and tarring the reputation even further, it would seem that again all too often is the case that nobody is willing to speak up and take responsibility for the shambles that’s come before. As is to be expected, this absence of accountability is leading to a feeling of frustration amongst public opinion. Taxpayers are getting restless and questions need to be asked; just what is the almighty hold-up!? Well, we’ll try our best to explain in just 3 minutes and no, we won’t over-run… 😉

Now, this might just be a temporary glitch in the history of ‘German Efficiency’. We really do hope so! But things certainly need to change before more problems with even uglier faces start peeping up over the not-too-distant horizon.
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Your simpleshow team! (Pete)