A Gold Green Award for our simpleshow foundation’s explainer video about food waste

In Germany, 313 kilogrammes of food are thrown away – per second!

Even though a billion people in the world suffer from hunger. But that’s not all. Did you know that the sheer quantities of discarded food are responsible for a quarter of all pollution?

An explainer video by our simpleshow foundation addressed this very topic and has now been distinguished with an honour: the Gold Green Award from the Deauville Film Festival in the category of “Responsible Consumption & Eco-Labels”!

The winning video about food waste doesn’t only call attention to problems. It also presents solutions and gives instructions for how each of us can stop food from ending up on the rubbish heap.

You can watch the explainer video here.


The Green Awards

The Green Awards are presented in France every year to films and videos addressing the themes of sustainability and ecological innovation.
In the past few years, videos by Arte and the WWF have received distinctions.

On this occasion, once again congratulations and a big thank you to our colleague Jana, the author of the script, and to the team who helped put this explainer video together!