5 Reasons to Use Explainer Videos in Homeschooling

Homeschooling is on the rise in the US as it has grown by about 62% in the last 10 years. This means that more and more available content is used by parents to teach their children. It also means that the market of opportunities is rising. While the stereotype of homeschooling is slowly decreasing and the benefits are increasing, more resources are tested and used. This is where explainer videos come into play. They are great resources not only for schools in general, but for homeschoolers alike. So let’s take a look at why to use explainer videos in homeschooling.

5 Reasons to Use Explainer Videos in Homeschooling

  1. Videos aid in explaining complex concepts

When it comes to homeschooling, not every parent is an expert in the material to be taught, and they may feel that they don’t know the material well enough to pass it on to their child. In this case, explainer videos serve two purposes: making your life easier and ensuring a positive learning outcome for your child. Either as a reminder and preparation for yourself or used as the teacher replacement, explainer videos are a great resource to have complex content explained simply and in a short amount of time to gain the required knowledge.

  1. Emotional connection to dry material

The overall aim is to involve students in affective learning. You can use explainer videos to invoke emotional appeal through visually attractive content. Taking a look at the brain’s limbic systemthe part of the brain that processes visual messages, helps prove this point. It is a different part of the brain than the one responsible for messages in text formats. It triggers an emotional response which simultaneously supports memory and enhances motivation.

5 reasons to use explainer videos in homeschooling

  1. Tap into learning styles

One of the primary benefits when we talk about videos is tapping into different learning styles. Taking the child out of a public school and deciding to homeschool them may have been a result of inefficient care about individual needs. Lack of time and resources often results in teaching to the medium or teaching to the test, which may not serve everyone’s needs in depth. Homeschooling aims to individually teach towards the child’s needs and thus explainer videos are excellent to tap into different learning preferences.

  1. Educational alternative

Research constantly strives towards finding optimum lecturing styles, materials, and learner preferences. Luckily, we can simply use another approach to cater content more specifically. Instead of drilling, research supports the idea of mixing and recycling content in order for it to leave an impact on the child. Video provides a screen for different material presentation, from stories to lecturing and picture representations, as well as communication in symbols.

5 reasons to use explainer videos in homeschooling

  1. 21st century preparation

Teachers aim to prepare students for their future and get them ready for the world we live in. Yet, classrooms and various selected subjects don’t really represent the interconnected, viral world we live in. On the contrary, homeschooling may allow math to be taught while baking, using home materials to explain a literature concept or video to support the understanding of a complex topic. All of this supports the idea of using different, real world examples such as explainer videos when teaching at home.