Wider reach with TV advertising

You and your team have brainstormed until your heads were spinning, have analysed and re-analysed your target audience, and downed countless cups of coffee. But it was worth it – the marketing mix for your upcoming product presentation is great. Alongside mailings, flyers and events, a particular highlight of your campaign is the planned TV commercial, which will exponentially increase the reach of your advertising – if viewers like the spot…

We put you in the director’s chair

This is where simpleshow explainer videos come in: our clips are short, smart, explanatory – and highly entertaining. They’re also fairly affordable to make, as there’s no need to scout locations or cast actors, book models or hire camera teams. And the best part: despite offering all these organisational and financial advantages, the simpleshow TV format meets the highest standards of quality. You as the client are heavily involved in the production of your simpleshow. You outline the direction for your TV ad – we deliver the ideas to implement it. Until you are 100 percent satisfied.


Venture Marketing Group

TV Spot: National Franchise Exhibition

New advertising ideas fascinate viewers

TV advertising can be phenomenally effective – if the TV ad works, and isn’t lost in the repetitive drone of the ad break. simpleshow explainer videos will definitely set you apart from the usual TV ads. Likeable scribbles or animated characters, a narrative structured by the familiar simpleshow hands, and informal storytelling – simpleshow explainer videos appeal to viewers while getting across all the relevant product information.

Curious? Then contact us below, with no further obligation. At simpleshow, we pride ourselves on our competent advice and comprehensive service. We’ll be happy to discuss your TV advert with you! You can also find all the proven benefits of explainer videos here.

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