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Social causes and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are not in it for profit. As charitable organisations, their goals are loftier, be they social, cultural or scientific , and they invariably require outside financial support. But how can an NGO successfully campaign for donations from the general public and convince companies to sponsor them? The first step is to communicate the project’s aims, ideas and vision clearly, and an explainer video by simpleshow is the ideal medium.

A few individuals’ dedication can benefit millions

You and your colleagues have demonstrated your commitment to your cause with hard work and dedication. Yet for that commitment to make an enduring difference, you need to raise awareness. One way to achieve that is with an explainer video by simpleshow. Using clear sentences and striking images, it explains your cause in a matter of minutes – and alerts the viewer to its crucial importance. But how does it work exactly?



Payment for Ecosystem (PES)

Climate Change Research Group: An EU project


Spread your message with an explainer video

First, you explain your message and vision to the experienced simpleshow team. Then the team takes the reins to prepare an informative, entertaining video with an impact. To make the biggest impression, you can easily integrate your simpleshow explainer video into websites, where impassioned viewers can share them over social networks and rally their friends to the cause. This expands your reach without incurring any major labour costs or other expenses. Awareness of your organisation will grow – and, with a bit of luck, so will the pool of charitable donations.

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