A sales video as a factor for success

The truth of the matter is that even if your product or service is impeccable, it’s a hard sell without a well-informed, persuasive sales team, no matter your revenue forecast. A simpleshow explainer video can give your staff all the information they need in a matter of minutes, conveying accessible, memorable talking points about the product which they can then present to customers.

Explainer videos ensure well-prepared sales representatives

You need a medium that clearly communicates your product’s USPs and engages your target audience – be it the sales team, your service partner or a franchisee. Does that sound like a tall order? Rest assured, simpleshow explainer videos offer the perfect solution. Equip your employees with a sales video and they’ll be well armed with the arguments they need to strike a good deal.



Creative Cloud for Teams

What a simpleshow brings to the table

Our conceptual design team’s greatest strength lies in distilling the essence of the information at hand and conveying it clearly and succinctly in video form. Your employees are treated to a catchy, alternative presentation that quickly highlights the most important features. Three-minute videos hold the viewer’s attention and help viewers form associations so they understand and remember what they have seen and heard.

You can also order localized versions of your clips in other languages at any time, which you can use for international sales activities or online training.

Curious? Then why not get in touch below? At simpleshow, we pride ourselves on our competent advice and high-quality service. It would be our pleasure to discuss your sales video with you!

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