Videos convey principles

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the best team of them all? If you that best team’s employer, you have certainly done something right in your personnel management! But how can you create a corporate image that shows employees that the company is a cut above the rest? How do you successfully inspire them to becomee team players out ? Rule number 1: be the best employer you can be. Rule number 2: allow your employees to play an active role. Do you want to optimise production processes? Set up cross-departmental project work? Or convey your company’s strategy to the hearts and minds of your employees? Then communicate, inform and convince. An explainer video by simpleshow can play an important role– clever, entertaining and understandable to everyone.

A fantastic team: personnel development and simpleshow

One important task for human resources is to challenge and encourage employees. Be it through occasional seminars or ongoing training, individual training course or an advanced workshop for the entire team. Regardless of the current priority at your company, explainer videos by simpleshow can explain any complex issue or tough measure in an entertaining format, while presenting all of the relevant information clearly and concisely.

HR 2.0: successful recruitment in the social web with explainer videos

Every employer has an individual notion of the ideal employee. But just where can they find them? Given that the social web is used on a daily basis, particularly by the younger generation, the internet is a good platform for recruitment initiatives. Furthermore, it is possible to address a specific target group should be reached with a given budget. Experience has shown that the technically minded can be found on Google+, and trainees, students and young graduates primarily on Facebook, etc. A video can be perfectly integrated into each of these platforms and tailored to the tastes of the intended audience. It also attracts more attention than plain text or images.

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