Corporate videos by simpleshow – appealing and informative

Would you like to present your brand, product or organisation in an appealing light? A corporate video is a quick and vivid portrait of your company. The key is to communicate your strengths and values in a way that’s persuasive and engaging. You can use the video to introduce your company to prospective customers at trade fairs and events, and even to motivate your own employees. Both online and off, a corporate video gives your company a distinctive image. Learn more about how simpleshow can help you promote your company.

The draw of a corporate video

Corporate videos are there to present your company. They showcase your business, your organisation or your product in moving images, focusing on your competencies and values, your USPs and your corporate culture.

Unlike basic, factual text, corporate videos evoke an atmosphere. And that’s a decisive advantage. Atmosphere evokes emotion, and a good public image relies on positive emotions.

Corporate videos are highly versatile. You can display your company video prominently on your website for PR purposes. Present your industry video as an effective eye catcher at trade fairs. Add a reference video to your press kit, which can enter online circulation. Use your company video to introduce a presentation and highlight your capabilities in an engaging way. Or play your video to your staff to reinforce your corporate culture and facilitate the onboarding process.

No matter how you use your corporate video, a well-made clip will make your company more appealing and intrigue current and prospective customers alike. A good corporate video arouses viewers’ curiosity.

Why choose simpleshow?

The medium is the message. This applies especially to corporate videos, designed to convey your company’s values of your company through their imagery and content. At our research and innovation incubator, simpleshow academy, we have fine-tuned the interplay between a clip’s illustration, animation, music and voiceover to achieve a maximum impact. simpleshow premium allows us to tailor these design elements to your corporate identity, so that it clearly fits your brand – far beyond the logo. Or would you just like a splash of colour? Then simpleshow custom is the style for you.

Whether you already have your own style of illustration or work with us to develop one: a company video by simpleshow sets you and your business apart from your competitors and flaunts all your best selling points. We can even integrate live-action video on request.

Would you prefer to present your company in the classic simpleshow style? No problem. simpleshow classic will make your corporate video both memorable and appealing.

Every video is produced by serious experts. Our conceptual design team puts itself in customers’ and target audiences’ shoes every day, while our certified creative planners read between the lines to help us give your film the right atmosphere: a major success factor for your corporate video production.

Have we piqued your curiosity At simpleshow, we pride ourselves on our competent advice and high-quality service. We’ll be happy to discuss your options!

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