Success factors in conversion optimisation

As an e-commerce shop you’ll be familiar with the issue: many shoppers happily load up their virtual shopping cart – but before actually completing their purchase, they suddenly leave. To effectively increase profit, this is the where conversion optimisation comes in. Its primary goals are to reduce the number of “abandoned shopping carts”, strengthen marketing activities and increase lead generation.

Online videos can help close sales

Conversion rate optimisation encompasses several components, including testing, lead generation and optimised shop and website infrastructures. And just like anywhere in life, effective communication is required. That starts with the very first click on your website, so welcome your potential customers with clear messages and informative statements. Give them the opportunity to contact you, to ask questions and clarify issues. If you fail to meet your customers’ service expectations, you’ll lose them as quickly as they came: with a single click, in seconds.

So what can you do to motivate your customers to stay with you – and effectively increase your conversion rate? You can highlight the advantages of your shop with images and slogans. You can place explanatory texts about the ordering process, your T&Cs or your products in prominent places. You can display contact data at clearly visible locations in case your customers want to get in touch with you. These are all good ways to offer your customers added value. But they won’t reach everyone. Many Internet users shop on the fly – on the train, in waiting rooms, between two meetings. And those customers have to be won over in just a few seconds…

How simpleshow helps you optimize conversion rates

The solution: let your website, your product, your service – in short: anything of interest to your customers – “speak” for itself. In this respect, simpleshow explainer videos offer real added value. For one thing, it’s much easier to motivate people to watch a video than to read text. For another, an explainer video on your landing page can present the most important USPs of your product or service range in just a few minutes. You can also use online video to communicate changes and innovations on your website quickly and easily.

Last but not least: with proper video SEO (search engine optimisation), a video will make your site easier to find in web searches. And increased traffic and an optimised conversion path will result in higher sales.

Would you like to learn more about conversion rate optimisation via online video? We’ll be pleased to discuss the options for your business with you! simpleshow is all about competent advice, high quality and comprehensive service. You can also find all the proven benefits of explainer videos here.

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