Internal communication can be challenging

It’s crucial for a company’s success that every staff member be familiar with the latest company policies. From small and medium-sized businesses to multinational enterprises, nearly every company could benefit from more training in this area. For employees to understand and actually carry out changes in company policy, they need to be well informed – but quickly, so they can get back to work. That’s just where a simpleshow explainer video shines.

Explainer videos cut to the chase of complex issues

A simpleshow explainer video conveys relevant knowledge in a matter of minutes and in any number of languages. Even complex issues such as compliance or codes of conduct are presented in an original and coherent manner. But the 2-4 minute clips are even more versatile: they can be used anywhere at any time – be it during a staff briefing or on a continuous loop on screen in the company canteen.

Internal communication – modern and cost-effective thanks to simpleshow

The charming, recognisable style of simpleshow explainer videos helps save both time and money, minimising staff training costs or even eliminating them entirely. Not to mention the savings from unnecessary training-related travel expenses and lost working hours. At the same time, it facilitates understanding and increases employee engagement levels. The explainer video is a go-to medium for simplifying internal communication.

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