From change to opportunity

How can you build up your company’s image so that employees are enthusiastic and proud of where they work? How can you inspire team players? Plain and simple. Give your staff some insight into your goals! Would you like to optimize your production process? Establish an interdisciplinary project? Make every employee feel a personal stake in the company’s strategy? Good communications can facilitate all of this, and an entertaining and accessible simpleshow explainer video can play a central role.

Accessible communication

A successful company is the sum of its employees, both in calm and in turbulent times. Change processes can only succeed if your staff bring their talent and expertise to the table. So the first priority must be to communicate the impending corporate shift, explaining what may be complex processes measures in a simplified way that everyone can understand.

Information and acceptance –

how simpleshow explainer videos can contribute to change management

Informative, friendly, simple. These are the attributes necessary for successfully explaining complex subject matter without losing the audience’s attention. And that is precisely where simpleshow shines. Our entertaining yet highly informative explainer videos offer the ideal introduction to any change process. You want “lean management” explained in two minutes? No problem. You need to outline the skills that a department needs to learn? We can do that, and in a way that leaves your employees smiling…

Of course explaining an upcoming transition before it takes effect is just one part of successful change management. simpleshow explainer videos also play a valuable role once the changes are being integrated into your company’s day-to-day work. Thanks to our use of internationally recognisable illustrations and symbols, our scalable video format is easily understood across cultures and languages and can be used around the world.

Entrust us with communicating your change process. Together, we can reduce its complexity to ensure that your staff easily understand the subject matter and see its personal relevance to them.

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