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The simpleshow philosophy is about creating good explanations: simple, easy to understand and perfectly tailored to the target audience. But we can’t simply make claims – we have to back them up.

The simpleshow academy, our research and innovation incubator founded in 2008, is dedicated to exploring and improving the art and science of explanation and to training our staff to become true explanation experts™.

Because knowledge makes all the difference.

The secret to an outstanding explanation

5 Elements of the simpleshow method

1. Context
An explanation never stands alone. We analyse the topic from the target group’s perspective.

2. Simplification
An explanation focuses on the fundamentals. We cut to the topic’s core and use simple language.

3. Storytelling
An explanation has a message. We tell the story to the target group.

4. Visualisation
An explanation is comprehensible. We use the power of imagery.

5. Multisensory
An explanation stays in your head. We achieve this by stimulating several senses.

Academic quotes

“We utilised simpleshow’s video content to help students learn how to write Cover Letters when applying for roles at English-speaking companies. The explainer video provided the students with useful guidance and tips, which were presented in a simple, compact and engaging manner, allowing the students to remember the key information more clearly and produce higher quality written English as a result.”

Jan Ullmann
University of Munich

“We were able to demonstrate significant learning gains after using simpleshow in lessons. ”

Dr Dirk Ifanthaler

“simpleshow is a highly effective tool for the comprehensible and persuasive presentation of a complex subject matter.”

Dr. Des. Olaf Kramer
University of Tubingen

“The simpleshow format has numerous design and didactic features that can positively affect viewers’ learning achievements.”

Bianca Frühauf
Hochschule Der Medien Stuttgart

“simpleshow’ explanatory videos have enriched our research work. For our subjects, this was a welcome change. Friendliness, creativity and professionalism made the collaboration a memorable customer experience.”

Mareike Falter (University Hohenheim) & Prof. Dr. Verena Batt (Leuphana University Lüneburg)
Research cooperation of the University of Hohenheim and the Leuphana University Lüneburg with simpleshow

“The learning effects among the groups that saw the simpleshow videos were even better than the learning effects in the groups that had the traditional medium of text at their disposal.”

Anna Aptus
University of Hohenhium


Training and certifying explanation experts™

Because “explaining effectively” is an acquired skill

The simpleshow academy is dedicated to continuously perfecting the art and science of explanation. Through continuous research and partnerships with leading educational institutions, we ensure that we remain at the forefront of explanatory innovation.


General interest

Because knowledge makes all the difference.

Good explanations have an impact; not just within your company, but around the world. That’s why we produce free explainer videos for the general public and work with schools and universities to develop specific educational uses for simple microcontent.


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