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For 15 years we’ve helped businesses simplify complex topics. Millions of videos later, a ton of innovation, and some really happy clients, it’s time to celebrate!

Our anniversary deal for you

simpleshow video maker
15 license package

+ 1 free simpleshow motion video made by an explantion expert in your simpleshow account

for the price of our 10 license package!*
*Offer valid through 30 June 2023
Video production period until 31st of December 2023
Minimum contract duration: 24 months

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    What are we celebrating?

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    15 years of innovation

    Founded as a creative agency in 2008, simpleshow has built a DIY video maker platform that continues to evolve. Now with over 20 languages, personalized branding, dynamic animations, team collaboration, and much more.

    15 years of simple explanation

    80% of simpleshow videos are under 2 minutes! Why? Short, clear, to the point, that’s how your message gets across. With simpleshow you can create convincing explainer videos whose effectiveness has been scientifically proven.

    15 years of saving time and resources

    The average simpleshow video takes less than 20 minutes to complete. That means our clients are no longer taking days or weeks to create content. Now they have time to focus on other things (or create more videos!).
    simpleshow offices around the world
    minutes creation time on average per video
    minutes or less – this is the duration of 90% all simpleshow videos
    languages can be transferred from text to video
    different languages – this is how many languages we can conduct our briefings in (and we can do them in almost any time zone too!)

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