Our videos steal the show

Whichever format and style you choose, when the curtain lifts,
your message takes center stage.

Formats and styles

We offer a variety of great styles and possibilities to get your topic into a great explainer video.
From paper cut-out to fully animated video production – anything is possible.

simpleshow classic
simpleshow classic
The handmade original with illustrations that stay in mind, thoughtfully arranged by our signature hands.
simpleshow wheel
simpleshow wheel
We turn the wheels for you. Dynamic animations and scenic images will move your audience.
simpleshow Premium
simpleshow Premium
A tailor made video in your own style, such as your corporate design, fully animated and 100% individual.

With simpleshow interactive, we guarantee a true learning experience

A simpleshow video, combined with interactivity, enhances learning and engagement.

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Where to use an explainer video

An explainer video is the perfect choice for diverse branches of corporate communications, including internal communications, eLearning and marketing communications

A simpleshow video works wonders as a marketing medium. It is a great way to present a novel product, an innovative service or even your company as a whole in an intuitive, approachable light.

A marketing video by simpleshow can be specifically tailored to attract your target audience’s attention. simpleshows also make excellent corporate videos, TV adverts, or website video clips for conversion optimisation.

Necessary internal communications regarding company rules and guidelines, compliance, and risk management can often be time-consuming.

simpleshow takes on the challenge to not only provide the relevant information, but also to convey it efficiently and effectively. This also applies to employee trainings, change management, or topics on human resources.

simpleshow creates new paths for successful knowledge transfer and eLearning. Small, digestible knowledge chunks known as “learning nuggets” or micro-learning, as well as complete eLearning experiences, are provided.

The learning results when using simpleshow are scientifically proven and, in terms of modern knowledge transfer, we are unbeatable.

Our production process

Produced in three simple steps

1. Script

After a briefing with your team and our writers, we condense your message into a charming story that everyone understands.

2. Storyboard

At this stage, we visualize the script alongside our hand-drawn illustrations that will appear in your video.

3. Production

After you approve the storyboard, you can relax, while we produce your explainer video. We will deliver your finished simpleshow in the file format you need.

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