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Where certified simpleshow explanation experts create your videos on time and within budget. Here you will have direct contact with your very own Market Master, a simplification guru with unparalled customer service. With this striaght forward approach, you’ll get the perfect explainer video for your needs!

Styles & Pricing

Choose from two of our proven illustration styles.

Our Classic black and white style is timeless! This charming illustration style keeps your audience focused on the message by minimizing visual distractions. Visually democratic and proudly hand drawn, every audience can identify with Classic style. Our Color style allows you to include a brand color in your explainer video. Its clean lines give your video an elegant look and feel. If you need to stay on brand, Color is your style.


Charming. Effective. Everlasting.

Starting at $2.000


Corporate. Branded. Realistic.

Starting at $2.500

How It Works:

1. Selection

Click the Let’s Get Started! button on this website and you’ll choose the style, length, and briefing date for your explainer video. You will also fill out the online questionnaire and upload any relevant information here. We’ll then send you a quote based on your online selections, which you will confirm with payment..

2. Briefing

A calendar invite will be sent based on your briefing date selections. On the briefing, you will meet and discuss the project with your very own Market Master. Please make sure that the final decision maker and subject matter expert attend the briefing.

3. Production

The Market Master then starts the process of creating your explainer video. You will remain informed and provide feedback to the content. Just like that, your professional explainer video will be ready for launch!

Four Reasons For simpleshow Market

Certified Market Masters

Trained by the simpleshow academy: our explanation experts have to complete grueling assessments and an intensive onboarding period.

Proven Learning Outcomes

simpleshow has successfully explained topics for thousands of companies all over the world. Our sound methodolgy is proven.

Fair Prices

Explainer videos at an affordable price – the simpleshow Market connects high quality with fair prices.

Convenient Payment

Fast and secure payment through PayPal. You will receive the invoice directly via e-mail.

Impact Statements

When choosing a format, keep in mind: explainer videos are more than just videos that explain something. Therefore, entertaining formats with special effects perform significantly worse in knowledge development.

Representative studies 2016

Hand format obtained the best results. Recipients who tested the simpleshow classic format improved their knowledge by 57%, while competitor formats only improved knowledge by 37%.

Representative studies 2016

simpleshow is highly effective in helping audiences undrstand and process complex facts. This is done with a clear structure, simple illustrations and positive motivation stimulus.

Dr. Des. Olaf Kramer