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Experience a new way of video making

Write your script and let our magical Explainer Engine build your simpleshow for you.

Your own explainer video in 4 steps

Our simple and guided workflow makes it easy to get great results in no time. 


Select a storyline template for your topic or upload your PowerPoint file.

emotionales Schreiben


Use our practical advice and best practice examples to write the perfect script.


Our Explainer Engine automagically generates a Storyboard for you to fine-tune.



Select your video speed and a voice-over, and publish your finished clip on YouTube.

Easy-to-use features for professional results

We suggest the perfect Storyline for your message

In return for answering just a few questions upfront, simpleshow video maker provides you with the most relevant Storyline templates. Storylines help structure your content and write creative plots.

We help you to become a great storyteller

We help you organize your thoughts and ideas while writing a great story. Helpful advice and useful examples make it easy for you to create a script that brings your message to life.

Our Explainer Engine illustrates your story with images that stay in mind

It takes just one click and our Explainer Engine unfolds it magic. In the blink of an eye meaningful illustrations appear that help visualize your story and engage your audience.

Not a perfect match? Explore other options!

The Explainer Engine suggests its favorite illustrations for your story. It also provides alternatives if needed. Still not exactly what you're looking for? Go ahead and explore our visual database.

Make use of thousands of simpleshow illustrations and upload images

A multitude of original simpleshow illustrations is available for your video. But sometimes you need to upload your own logo, a specific image, or add text. We have all of that covered!

Record your own voice or let us do the talking

A great voiceover is essential to a great explainer video. Upload your own recording and let us synchronize your voice with the story. You may also use the highly sophisticated text-to-speech tool that provides a fabulous voiceover in seconds.

Preview your video and make changes in an instant

At any point preview what you have created thus far. Not satisfied yet? Go back, easily change text and illustrations, and preview again.

Publish and share your video with your audience

Export your video to YouTube, so you can easily share the link, or download it as an MP4 file.


Give your message the perfect Storyline

No matter if you explain a complex topic, need to convince your team, inform your audience or promote a subject, our storylines help you to get started in an instance.