Modern knowledge acquisition through explainer videos


Digital knowledge is currently being rethought. The latest is that it should be interactive and decentralised. However, a blend of different types of media is also important, as variation is the key to successful learning. A case in point: an explainer video can be followed by a snappy webinar and this in turn followed by a computer-supported self-assessment task. The simpleshow explainer video is a format used by a growing number of continuing education institution as well as think tanks and training centres across the globe. The widely recognised clips communicate complex issues under four minutes and are fine-tuned from both visual and educational perspectives.

The trend of microlearning via video

According to an article about microlearning recently published in the German trade magazine managerSeminare, a growing number of companies have been adopting a new approach to knowledge transfer, teaching their employees skills in bite-size portions known as “learning nuggets”: “This year, the MMB Institute for Media and Competence Research noticed a growing trend towards micro and mobile learning, where learning material is first boiled down to the bare essentials. Learners are then fed the 'distillate' as a short message or video. The idea is to make learning nuggets available exactly where the need for expertise arises. American e-learning specialists sum up the requirements as 'Just enough, just in time'” (managerSeminare, June 2013).

Scientifically-proven learning advantages through moving images and storytelling

At Stuttgart Media University, a dissertation stated that simpleshow “[features] countless layout and didactic factors that can positively impact the viewer's learning capacity. The medium is perfectly suited to presenting complex material in a simple, compelling and engaging manner”[1].

Digital storytelling was also investigated at the University of Hohenheim: “Digital storytelling achieved the best results in the field of general information. The groups that watched simpleshow videos demonstrated better learning outcomes than the control groups that used the conventional medium of text.”[2]

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[1] Bianca Frühauf: Didaktische Analyse eines E-Learning Formats am Beispiel der simpleshow.

[2] Anna Aptus: Politikvermittlung durch digitales Storytelling. Eine empirische Untersuchung des Nutzens von digitalem Storytelling für die politische Bildung Jugendlicher am Beispiel der simpleshow.