A true classic! Often imitated, but never duplicated…our hands guide your message in this simple format.

Based on our tried-and-tested explanatory method and produced using an efficient standardised production process, the simpleshow hand is our most trusted video format worldwide.

Choose your visual style


Our classic illustration style is our most popular solution. Two hands guiding the viewer with the use of simplistic and approachable black & white illustrations.


Based on the classic style, but with an accent of color and the addition of some small animated elements.


Be more creative and develop a unique illustration style which fits perfectly with your brand.



Lidl Hong Kong Limited

Lidl HK Story


RHB Bank

Pay Anyone


Novartis Oncology

Lung Cancer


Tenaga Nasional Berhad

TNB fuel prices


Mercedes-Benz Financial

Agility Financing


DBS Bank

Working Capital Advisory

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