Volkswagen AG

VW Compliance

The challenge

Sustainable company growth requires integrity. Many companies are recognizing this with more clarity every day in the face of ever stricter regulations, escalating costs, and giant risks to corporate reputations. But actively combating corruption and misbehaviour across offices, cultures, and national borders while conveying values, standards, and rules is a huge communicative challenge. One vivid example of a successful approach is Volkswagen’s internal compliance campaign, which appeals to each employee to follow their sense of duty and resist the temptations of corruption using the theme of superheroes.

The solution

The German automaker decided to kick off their campaign with a simpleshow explainer video in order to communicate to employees the importance of the internal code of conduct in an entertaining, memorable and accessible format. The clip was published on World Anti-Corruption Day in 2014 and provided in nine languages to employees in 35 countries, sending a clear message throughout the company. You don’t have to be a superhero to follow the rules. Read more about the VW compliance campaign on our blog!