Frequently Asked Questions

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  • simpleshow premium
  • simpleshow interactive
  • What are the advantages of simpleshow interactive
    simpleshow interactive is a tool for video-based online learning. Compared to other formats, this dramatically increases the target group's motivation for engaging with the learning content. Not only that, learners can easily review information they have not yet understood and decide for themselves when to do their training sessions. The learning material is communicated more playfully and it is easy to test learners' progress.
  • Who can benefit most from simpleshow interactive
    simpleshow interactive is particularly useful for medium-sized to larger companies, since the more employees need to be trained, the greater the cost advantages of video coaching. Videos are an especially attractive option for companies operating in a number of locations.
  • Which departments can implement simpleshow interactive
    Video tutorials are often used when launching a new product or service, training sales staff, instructing employees on topics such as security or data privacy, or announcing organisational changes, to name a few examples.
  • How is learning tested
    After the material has been covered, the learner is tested via multiple-choice questions. Employee can then demonstrate their successful participation by printing out an online certificate, for instance.
  • What does the pricing look like
    simpleshow interactive is all about connecting the target audience with the topic. We would be happy to work together to figure out what that means for you. If you use our contact form, we will be sure to call you back. Based on that initial conversation, we will provide you with a custom quote.
  • Which colour options are available
    You may select any colour you like. For example, you can specify a precise CI colour of your choosing.
  • Can the video incorporate multiple colours
    There is a limit of one freely selectable accent colour. This helps ensure that your simpleshow makes the perfect impression.
  • What styles can I choose from
    You can choose one of two styles: either the elegant 'business' look or the relaxed 'casual' look.
  • What is the difference between matte and shiny
    Videos with a matte finish come across as calmer. For a more energetic impact, opt for a shiny finish with highlights.
  • Can I order my own unique style to be developed on my behalf
    No problem! On request, we are happy to develop a unique, custom style for your company.
  • How much does it cost
    We offer transparent fixed prices per clip for a simpleshow classic. So there are no hidden costs. We’ll be pleased to send you our current price list after an initial telephone consultation. Write to us via our contact form, we’re happy to call you back.
  • Is it suitable for my topic
    Definitely! simpleshow classic is suitable for any topic, any target audience and any cultural area. Our success proves us right: since entering the market in 2008 we have implemented thousands of productions in over 50 languages. Global players, SMBs, schools and universities, institutions and TV broadcasters – over 500 customers regularly use simpleshow classic for internal and external communication. And thanks to their recommendations, that number is growing every day.
  • Can I have that in colour
    Yes! If you would like your video to use colour, a specific artwork style or different music, take a look at simpleshow custom, where we fulfil your every wish! Or give us a call – we’ll be happy to discuss the options for customisation in person.
  • Why do explanatory videos work
    People take in information using different senses at the same time: whether we enjoy the flavour of a meal is for example determined by the combination of taste and smell. Comprehension also works best when a message addresses several senses simultaneously. When watching an explainer video, we take in information through acoustic and visual stimuli at the same time. simpleshow coordinates these stimuli perfectly. Because our brain processes them in different areas, we retain the information more reliably, making understanding and remembering almost automatic. A perfect text-image concept is a sort of neurological superglue. Another success factor is the storytelling. People love stories: they create a personal dimension, activate and motivate viewers to watch closely. And that boosts the learning effect. So it’s no wonder that explainer videos are so successful. Want to know what are the factors that make an explainer video rock? Our white paper will tell you.
  • What defines simpleshow classic
    Anyone can cut out paper drawings and push them around on a table with two hands. What simpleshow classic can do is distil an easily understandable explanation from a complex topic – using the simplest of means. Black-and-white illustrations, voiceover, music and sound design are perfectly coordinated and achieve significant learning success. Scientific surveys and a vast number of recommendations from satisfied customers prove the success of our globally established standard format.
  • Why do I need that
    Our world is getting faster, time is increasingly limited and processes are becoming more complicated. Everyone can spare three minutes – but hardly anyone has 30 minutes. There’s a need everywhere to convey knowledge in as little time as possible – be it instructions, staff training or advertising. simpleshow meets this challenge for you. Every day. Around the world.
  • Where can I use simpleshow classic
    Want to present a technical procedure to an expert audience? Increase acceptance of a change process among your staff? Generate attention for your product? simpleshow classic explains anything, to anyone, anywhere. New uses appear every day. Take a look at our scenarios and let us inspire you.
  • Why is simpleshow classic an “explanatory format”
    simpleshow classic always follows a fixed set of rules: the style of the illustrations, the music, the voiceover and the sound design are carefully coordinated. So you could describe simpleshow classic as a “standardised medium”. Explanatory format sounds better. And takes another attribute into account: the explanation of complex subject matter. But because no single topic is like the other, drafting a concept for these images and text is an individual process. The result is an easily understandable explainer video with a high recognition factor. In short, an explanatory format.
  • How does it work
    Simple: two hands move basic black-and-white illustrations on a white background while a voiceover tells a story that explains a fact, a product or a process in an easily understandable way. A concept that works for every topic, every industry and every target audience. Why? Find out here.
  • How much will it cost
    Every simpleshow premium is an individually designed clip and therefore has to be costed individually. We’ll be happy to send you a personalised quote after our initial consultation.
  • I don’t know much about video production. How do I decide what type of clip is right for me
    You don’t have to. Simply tell us what you want your video to achieve with your target audience. We’ll show you how. Let our case studies inspire you before your first consultation with us: take a look at the topics and simpleshow premium clips that we have already created for our customers. Perhaps you’ll find something you like.
  • I already have images and video that I would like to use for my simpleshow
    Great! We suggest that you send us the documents. Our design team will take a look at your materials and determine the best way to include them.
  • How is a simpleshow premium produced
    All our processes are customer-oriented and transparent. That includes the road to your individual explainer video. We will provide you with a dedicated consulting team that supports you through the briefing, design concept and storyboard phases all the way to the finished video, ensuring that you definitely achieve your communication goal.
  • In what ways can I customise my simpleshow
    A simpleshow premium combines a number of design elements: colour and artwork style, music and voiceover, paper cut-out or full animation. The elements that are included in the design concept for your clip depend on your topic, your brand and your communication goal. Talk to us. We’ll drop your topic into our premium magic ball and use our passion and experience to give it the right look. You’ll love the transformation.