Produced in three simple steps

  1. Script

    After a joint briefing, we compress your message into an accessible voiceover script.

  2. Storyboard

    Then we visualise the content on a storyboard using our charming hand-drawn illustrations, or “Scribbles.”

  3. Production

    Once you have approved the storyboard, we go into production. The finished video is then delivered for download in all requested formats.

Simply convincing

Six simple reasons
for choosing
the original
  1. Extensive experience

    Since 2008, our customers around the world have been thrilled with the several thousand videos we have produced for them.

  2. Top quality

    We have perfected the paper cut-out animation format. We pass our skills on to our staff through the simpleshow academy.

  3. Proven success

    Scientific studies have investigated our explanatory format. The findings: simpleshow classic achieves significant learning outcomes in very little time.

  4. Transparent fixed price

    No hidden costs, no worries.

  5. Standardized process

    Our processes are scalable and transparent. That’s why we can accommodate large orders and ensure quick turnaround times. We guarantee excellent service and outstanding quality.

  6. Affordable translation

    The simple imagery of a simpleshow classic is effective in all countries and cultures, allowing us to translate your video affordably and quickly into over 50 languages.

simpleshow classic in action

Go unique!

Not exactly what you’re looking for? Take a look at our paper cut-out format with extra color and style options; simpleshow custom. Or take a look at our animated video production; simpleshow premium. That’s where anything is possible in your own unique animated corporate style!