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As the inventors of the simpleshow, we are in a perfect position to help you explain your issue in a friendly and open manner in just three minutes, no matter how complicated your topic is. Register now for the simpleshow initiative!

With this opportunity, we are giving selected non-profit organisations a chance to put the spotlight on their issue in an effective and striking manner with a short simpleshow. Our programme includes direct support in the design, creation and production of the clip and is partial funded by simpleshow.

All orders will be realised. The finished explainer video can be used on the Internet, in Social Web and at events free of further license fees. 

The price for a supported simpleshow is € 5.000 plus 7% VAT.

Have you got any documents providing more detailed information about your project? You can send an email with further information and attachments to: You can find out more about the simpleshow here.

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