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simpleshow is the market leader in explainer videos. Every day we help our customers to explain their project or idea through the production of simple and concise explainer videos. Our handcrafted explanatory format, the simpleshow classic has been applied in the production of several thousand videos in over 50 languages. Thanks to our sound methodology, our insight into the target audience and our use of lively storytelling, we help to make your explanation both highly appealing and engaging.

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An explainer video is the perfect choice for diverse branches of corporate communications, including internal communications, e-learning and marketing communications.

A simpleshow video works wonders as a marketing medium. It’s a great way to present a novel product, an innovative service or even your company as a whole in an intuitive, approachable light.

We are experts in explanatory communication and our charming explainer videos help cut to the core of your message.

A marketing video by simpleshow can be specifically tailored to attract your target audience’s attention. simpleshows also make excellent corporate videos, TV adverts or website video clips for conversion optimisation.

When it comes to internal communications, company-wide training programs on topics such as company rules and guidelines, compliance and risk management often prove to be "time wasters". An explainer video is a smart alternative.

The format is equally ideal for other internal communications areas such as change management, human resources or job training.

The major challenge is not only to provide all employees with the relevant information, but to convey it efficiently and effectively.

The latest trend in knowledge transfer and e-Learning, is for companies to provide information in small, digestible chunks known as “learning nuggets”. These can take the form of simpleshow explainer videos to be distributed among employees.

A study conducted by the University of Hohenheim found that "the groups that watched simpleshow videos demonstrated a greater learning effect than the control groups that used the conventional medium of text."

In short, if the goal is state-of-the-art knowledge transfer, nothing can beat an explainer video!

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